I am Very Satisfied

Infinite thank yous to Jeremy Hamel, the sales consultant at Duval Mazda as well as his team, director and others. I got the car of my dreams that I have wanted for a long time. 

A great negotiation. I am very satisfied. Even more, at Mazda Duval, you always finish by finding a terrain of waiting and you get a superior level of service.

Other customers satisfied

Create Good Relationships With Clients
Here is a place I'll recommend to everyone. Yan and Gustavo, what an excellent service! I came here for a car and I left with a car and a couple of new friends. They know how important it is to start a good relationship with their clients. Excellent negotiation for a CX-5, a car that absolutely... Read more
They Get 5 Stars From Me
I had a very good experience purchasing my Mazda CX-3 here. They met my offer and didn't try to pull any sales tricks on me. That's why they get the 5 stars. Read more
Superb Sales Service
Fully satisfied from A to Z in all regards, the price and the buying experience. Very Friendly employees and personalized service. I recommend everyone Mazda Duval. For an outstanding service go to Mrs Élodie Thivierge. Read more
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